Golden Grenades

Episode 25: Kerrie Gardner

YOLOBirder is back with a brand new Golden Grenades episode with the fantastic artist, writer and all round nature lover Kerrie Gardner.

Kerrie is a nature inspired artist and writer living in Devon who likes to dabble in a variety of crafts. Before becoming self employed she worked as an ecologist and prior to that was an environmental educator with the Dorset Wildlife Trust. She contributed to the BTO’s Red Sixty Seven book and has written for Penguin, discussing the loss of biodiversity in the UK over the past 70 years.

Kerrie talks to Kit about her five favourite birds, particularly those that look like foliage, and why she has a tendency to load dead animals into her wheelbarrow!

Do follow Kerrie on Instagram and Twitter to see her wonderful artwork, which is available to buy on her online shop (links below):

Kerrie’s website is here

Kerrie’s art shop is here

Instagram: kerrie_doodles

Twitter: @kerriedoodles

Thanks for listening!

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Golden Grenades
Golden Grenades
Episode 25: Kerrie Gardner


Golden Grenades is a weekly podcast about birds and those who worship them, all set against the heart-warming, upbeat backdrop of the end of the world. Each week, YOLOBirder chats to a special guest about their five favourite birds, one of which must enter a best bird duel against the mighty peregrine falcon!

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