Welcome to Golden Grenades Collective, a group of like-minded folk dedicated to celebrating birds in all of their awe-inspiring glory!

Named after J. A. Baker’s description of the bunched toes of a peregrine falcon in his 1967 masterpiece The Peregrine, our aim is to share our love of birds far and wide, with the young and young-at-heart from all walks of life in a way that is inclusive for everyone.

Beginning life as lockdown podcast project, Golden Grenades has now evolved to include a guest blog and a range of collaborative birdy merch with a focus on fundraising for bird conservation causes. There may also be badges. All of the best gangs and clubs have badges.

A stooping peregrine is one of the avian world’s spectacles, but there are many, many more and GGC want to share them all with you. So, come on in, put the kettle on and your feet up and have a browse around. And if you have birds and kindness in your heart and a tongue in your cheek… join us.

"The bunched toes were ridged and knuckled like golden grenades"

Golden Grenades is a weekly podcast about birds and those who worship them, all set against the heart-warming, upbeat backdrop of the end of the world. Each week, Kit Jewitt chats to a special guest about their five favourite birds, one of which must enter a best bird duel against the mighty peregrine falcon!